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After all Vader's been through, all the evil he has committed, and the life, family, and body he has destroyed, it's probably not surprising that he needs a coffee every morning as a pick-me-up.  Well... actually, this Vader is addicted to Starbucks coffee.  And when I say addicted... I mean ADDICTED.
- Commentary on Vader from the strip Meet Darth Vader

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Aug. 15th, 2019 09:40 pm
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Lay it on me! 
Anon enabled... don't be shy.
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A thread log for certain people who actually seem to be interested in what this idiot does with his time.
*edit: I had no idea I'd already done so much with Vader.  He just loves to bother people on the internet.

Pt. 1: In which Vader taunts his grandson.
Pt. 2: Drift Fleet Test Drive, in which Vader meets an old friend(?) and makes new ones.
Pt. 3: In which Vader trolls a Finn.  He really enjoys Finn, so much terror for so little effort.
Pt. 4: In which Vader torments a Han
Pt. 5. Vader meets a lawyer, talks about lightsabers.
Pt. 6: Someone's early.
Pt. 7: Vader gets some father-son bonding time.
Pt. 8: Talking with a different Finn about the perks of the Dark Side.
Pt. 9: Commiserating with Poe on bad journal names.
Pt. 10: Vader makes a good grandfather.
Pt. 11: Vader and Rey in a cafe... rockin the rhymes, BOOM
Pt. 12: Answers an awkward text from a Han
Pt. 13:  Vader disapproves of himself.
Pt. 14: Vader discovers Han did something cool and annoys a Kylo because of it.
Pt. 15:  Vader Texts.
Pt. 16: Such a good grandfather.
Pt. 17: Breaking the 4th wall with Freekazoid.
Pt. 18: A space turtle farted... Vader was there.
Pt. 19: Vader tries to get a room on the giant space turtle.
Pt. 20: Vader still argues with himself.  Even when playing a game.
Pt. 21: More AU Han bickering.
Pt. 22: He really dislikes himself.
Pt. 23: Vader gets HR advice from Spock.

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